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When you are searching for a tax accountant to navigate the complexities of your tax preparation, you want someone who truly understands your needs and unique situation. You don’t have to worry any longer because Wichita Tax Advisor is here to provide the detailed and comprehensive tax preparation that you, and all other Wichita residents, can count on.

Here at Wichita Tax Advisor, we are known for not only our high-quality service and professionalism but also for our extensive knowledge of both Federal and State tax systems. Regardless of your filing status, we are here to help you through every step of the tax preparation process.

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Why Should You Trust Wichita Tax Advisor?

We’ve got the proficiency that you want during tax preparation. Filing yearly returns is a complex matter and it can be hard to know who you can place your trust in. We take pride in offering tax preparation services that Wichita residents can trust. You can ensure that we have the latest knowledge when it comes to efficiently structuring your business or personal situation to take advantage of credits and deductions, all while minimizing taxes.

Tax Services

Tax Preparation &
Accounting Services

Wichita Tax Advisors provides personalized tax preparation services giving you peace of mind in knowing that your tax situation is well in hand. Our years of experience have helped us develop proven systems to ensure top quality results to meet your unique needs.

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Tax Preparation

For us here at Wichita Tax Advisors, tax preparation services are our specialty, and we build your tax plan around maximizing the money in your pocket. If you have questions or concerns throughout the process, we are more than happy to explore solutions with you. Having a tax advisor puts resources right at your fingertips or only a simple phone call away.

Explore our tax preparation services here and please reach out if you have any questions.

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Personal Taxes

Personal taxes can be simple or highly complex, but whatever your situation, our team is here to implement the right strategies to reduce what you owe – putting more money back in your pocket.

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Business Taxes

Let us help you establish the best entity type and structure for your business. Our tax preparation services extend to sole proprietors, LLCs, S-Corps, and C-corps. As part of the process, we review your current situation and recommend ways to optimize your structure or your transactions to reduce taxes. We are up to date on new tax laws, including QBI 20% deduction and Section 199A, and will stay on top of any changes and IRS guidelines.

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Starting a Business

It can be very overwhelming to start and run a small business. Let us here at Wichita Tax Advisor take the stress out of preparing your small business taxes. Our team of experts have the know-how and experience to plan and manage your taxes, letting you focus on developing your business.

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Tax Liability Reduction

Your tax liability is the amount you owe in taxes to the federal government, a number we all want to see reduced. At Wichita Tax Advisor, we review your unique financial situation and determine how to securer you the lowest tax liability. Our team is familiar with multiple financial strategies that can likely help you reduce what you owe, allowing you to keep more of your hard-earned money.

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Rental Property Taxes

We have a deep understanding of taxes related to rental properties, including how to work with portfolios of properties containing various entities such as LLCs or short-term rentals like Airbnb. In addition to preparing your taxes, we also provide advice on how to structure transactions, if a 1031 exchange would be beneficial, and a deeper understanding of depreciation and capital gains.

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Trusts and Estate Taxes

When someone you love passes away, the last thing you want to be burdened with is figuring out a final tax return and how to file an estate tax return, even though the IRS rules require them in a timely fashion. Wichita Tax Advisors help make this process smooth by preparing and filing the estate return while also advising you on how to minimize taxes. We also have expertise in trust tax returns, no matter how complex, and the strategies to minimize the tax burden at the trust and pass-through level.

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Incentive/Employee Stock Options

We are very familiar with a variety of options, such as incentive stock options (ISOs), non-qualified stock options (NSO), restricted stock units (RSU), and employee stock purchase plans (ESPP). No matter the stock option, we help develop a strategy for when to exercise that option and when to make 83(b) elections. We also strategize for how to minimize tax, pay long-term gains, and when Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) might come into play.

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IRS Problem Solving

Has the IRS sent you a letter? Has it been a few years since you last filed a tax return? Is the IRS threatening that they will garnish your wages or put a lien on your assets? Do not worry. We are Enrolled Agents who are qualified to represent you while negotiating with the IRS. We negotiate favorable payment plan terms or, in the right circumstances, settle for a lower amount. The IRS can be frightening to deal with, so let us cut through the red tape and stand up for your rights!

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